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StrangeWood Studios

Game Design • Narrative Design • Creative Direction • Art Direction


Strangewood Studios is a new contender on the game design market, sprung out of Skellefteå, Sweden. We specialize in the mechanical, visual and narrative design for board games, Roleplaying games, digital games and game design applications for other purposes, such as gamification. Since 2014 we have worked on a number of different projects, both in house, collaborations and consultations. We focus on delivering sustainable and fun mechanics and visual directing, always with our core values in focus.

Many ways to win

A game development team can have a million sizes and shapes. In the end, it is the drive and focus of the team that make or break the  game. A good game make happy players, and no matter if we join or start a team its creative health is of capital importance to game integrity.

Never skip a turn

The devil's in the details. Every part of a game design is a decision, and every decision matters. If a game is rewarding and fun for all players at all time, we have created a truly meaningful experience.

Design is like a wheel

Ideas are grown, not dropped

We do not design games we're not proud of. In the end, our passion for games trumps all else, and we know what puts a smile on our faces when we indulge in our favorite hobby. The ability to apply technique and discipline to an idea is what separates a dreamer from a designer.

You live, You learn

It is without question that the core of inspiration comes from experience. As the studio and our projects grow, we must constantly expand our views on design, player psychology and entertainment.


In our network, we are fortunate to have all sorts of competence in writing, layout, illustration, marketing and much more. There is few things beyond the reach of a good team we say, and we rest comfortably in the knowledge that whatever quest we embark on, there will be stars to guide us on our way. For the time being, the core and heart of Strangewood is these two characters (yours truly on the left):

Kristofer Stenskog

Kristofer Stenskog

Visual & Conceptual Designer

Simon Nyström

Simon Nyström

Visual & Conceptual Designer

Simon's City


The studio was created in 2013 by us, Simon and Kristofer. We met through a common compassion for digital games, board games and the structures behind them. Through the years we have collected a vast amount of crucial knowledge, like how to make cheese, how to sell financial newspapers and how to choose a career path in the FBI. And how to make games.

It started humble, with a dream to one day produce our own board game, on the side of our day jobs. At the time, I (Kristofer) was working at a Hardware store and Simon was working at a cheese factory. We Played a lot of games together, as we were (and are) a part of the local game community in Skelleftea Sweden. Together we set out to form a craft from our experiences with games, shaping and giving meaning to concepts like Believability, Bias and Story engineering. This was done with research, education and practical application. Through time and exposure, doors started to open for Collaboration and Consultation, putting us in the space we are in today. We still have a long path ahead to complete success, but the exciting road we have travelled this far ensures us we will arrive by our own accord.


We will answer as fast as we can! We will also try to steer every correspondence into meetings over coffee, so "Hi Strangewood, how about a swedish fika with ulterior motifs?" will get you a long way. We are ready to take on the next big chapter in both our stories first thing after that.


The Great Northern
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